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Terri Ragsdale was raised in the Southern part of Texas and graduated from Mercedes High School. She moved to Denver, Colorado where she studied languages at night school, and later attended Mesa University and extended courses from the University of Colorado. Terri became a foreign translator for other agencies including Federal and State courts.  

After working for 30 years, Terri retired as an Administrative-Asst/Foreign Interpreter for the State of Colorado. Terri was honored to be among the Covington Who’s Who Members on her Executives and Professional achievement in 2013. Award the Prestigious Pinnacle Achievement Award in History Literature writing on her Historical saga novel, “Roots of Indifference.” She was recognized and given an award on her best children’s book, “A Legend of Grand Mesa,” At this time she is attending University of Colorado courses, and received her certificate as an Advance Master Gardener. 

She presently resides on the Western-Slope of Colorado where she enjoys, reading, writing her books, gardening, attending school and loving her two wieners Dachshund dogs. 

Roots of Indifference


A high adventure/ action, with sizzling suspense Novel dealing with historical facts. If you’re a history buff, then you must read: “Roots of Indifference” a thought-provoking Historical novel, with a love affair full of lustful, explicit love. Meet two unforgettable main characters that go beyond all limitations to be with each other-- including murder! This novel is educational in heritage and culture, powerful and explosive in a political intrigue. 

Roots of Indifference is the winner of the Pinnacle Achievement Award in literature history; the Hispanic and Latin American Society, best book for 2014.

A well written in acute history’s literature that totally describes the struggles and its appalling information never recorded on the Hispanic-American people that were living in a ruthless time: dealing with sensitive and difficult personal hushed issues. People dealing with fear and superstitions, as well as love and incredible generosity.  The novel is a page turner and comes with many shocking supernatural incidents that will keep your reading, wanting more. A book that will linger long after you read it. It’s a critical novel that needs to be told during the early century and based on true factual events. You will be totally amazed at its shocking ending!

 If you enjoyed this book and found it educational. I’d be very grateful if you’d post a short review on Amazon. Your support really does make a difference.  It’s Available on Amazon paperback and free on Kindle-unlimited and on Amazon Prime.  

A Legend of Grand Mesa


A Legend of Grand Mesa is an American-Native mythical, enchanting and educational story told by the Ute Indians about a mysterious mountain who shields three Gods in caves. The mountain blew its top, millions of years ago becoming a spiritual and supernatural area. This legend was repeated many times by the Ute Indians and told of the forbidden, mysterious circumstances that came about. The legend suggests that the natives in this region created a powerful civilization after the volcano explosion making them travel south and later became the great empire of the Aztec tribe in Mexico. This is a truly wonderful story for children from the ages of 10 through adults. You will enjoy the little animals that talked, and why they were left craved on the mountainside to live forever to this day for all mankind from the distance to view. Learn about the explosion on the mountain, called “The largest flat top mountain in the world”.

Growing Vegetables Successfully With Your Children


Do you have small children and want to teach them about nutritional foods and vegetables and how to plant them? This is a delightful children’s book that teaches you and your children the importance of planting and eating fresh garden vegetables. It gives examples of different ways of planting that would appeal to the younger generation. This is an excellent book that shows how to grow vegetable for those who live in small spaces; apartments, condos and limited areas using your spaces wisely. Growing Vegetables is easy, fun and above all…healthy; an excellent hobby for the entire family.  This small eBook shows beautiful colored illustrations and images that the children will enjoy.